Perseverance Book: Update 1

So, for those that don’t already know, I’m writing a book! I have been posting excerpts on my Facebook page for a while now and, because of all your good feedback, I have decided to publish it. Obviously this takes a lot of work and will require a lot of help from all of you too. I am speaking to an editor as well as a cover artist to help self publish it, but oh wait… you don’t know what it is about yet?

Perseverance is a book from the point of view of Anne Boleyn as she arrives at the English court. She is originally arranged to marry James Butler but many things get in the way. With her sister being Henry VIII’s mistress, she feels like she will always be the forgotten Boleyn sister.

The name Perseverance comes from Anne Boleyn’s role in the Chateau Vert pageant. It also describes Anne and her struggles very well. I have decided to run a Kickstarter (or something similar like Indiegogo) to handle preorders. It will also go towards the editing and cover art costs, so I really need your support. There will be rewards like signed books, limited edition hardcovers etc. I will update as things happen.


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