22nd June 1536 – The Lady Mary Submits to Henry VIII

On the 22nd June 1536, the Lady Mary finally gave in to her father. She had been advised to submit to Henry VIII for a while, as she was likely to suffer as others did if she didn’t. It was late at night on the 2nd when she finally signed the formal ‘confession’ required of her. However, it seems to have taken more than one attempt for her to finish everything. She acknowledged Henry’s Sovereignty and Supremacy and repudiated the Bishop of Rome. She signed and acted like she had finished, but she had not.

Mary next had to acknowledge the invalidity of her mother’s marriage and her own bastardy. This was obviously very personal to her but still she signed. By doing this, she had said ‘I do freely and frankly acknowledge that the marriage, heretofore had between his Majesty, and my mother, the late Princess Dowager, was, by God’s law and Man’s law, incestuous and unlawful’.

Mary signed a second time. She had now signed away everything that she stood for.


Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII by David Starkey, p599


The Lady Mary on the Tudors.

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