Perseverance Book: Update 3

We have now reached 30% of our goal! Thanks so much everyone, it really does mean a lot that people are interested and will be reading Perseverance.

My editor and I have made some changes to it; for example deciding on just a diary entry format and not chapters as well, changing to past tense etc. She is really helping me and is really patient as my book and writing is still ongoing. Have to admit to you all, I actually get emotional writing the book. I wrote a part with Anne and Elizabeth earlier and just couldn’t help it. Anyway, I just mainly wanted to thank you all for supporting me, my editor and also Tudor Dynasty Jewels who are kindly letting me give away their Anne Boleyn bracelets.


Picture of Anne Boleyn bracelet.

If you still haven’t donated/preordered yet, you can here:

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