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21st June 1529 – Katherine of Aragon Pleads with Henry VIII at Court

On the 21st June 1529, Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII appeared at the Legatine Court. The full court had assembled between 9 and 10 o’clock on the Monday morning. Katherine had entered first, then the two Cardinals, Wolsey and … Continue reading

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20th June 1540 – Anne of Cleves Complains About Henry VIII and Katherine Howard

On the 20th June 1540, Anne of Cleves complained to the Cleves agent in London, Karl Harst. Even though she probably understood little of the political storm which raged around her, of which she was the all-too-passive cause, she did … Continue reading

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18th June 1529 – Katherine of Aragon Appears at the Legatine Court

On the 18th June 1529, Katherine surprised everyone by appearing in person at the legatine court. Henry VIII and Katherine were but summoned, however Henry VIII sent proxies instead. The legatine court had opened at Blackfriars in London on the … Continue reading

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Perseverance Book: Update 1

So, for those that don’t already know, I’m writing a book! I have been posting excerpts on my Facebook page for a while now and, because of all your good feedback, I have decided to publish it. Obviously this takes … Continue reading

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15th June 1519 – Henry Fitzroy is Born

On the 15th June 1519, Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, was born. Even though we are not completely sure about this date, it is generally accepted to be Henry’s birthdate. Richmond was the acknowledged illegitimate son of Henry … Continue reading

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Catherine and Henry Carey – The King’s Children?

I posted an excerpt of the Anne Boleyn historical fiction novel I am working on the other day on my Facebook page and it is the part where Mary Boleyn is pregnant. The excerpt was this: ‘Mary has arrived home … Continue reading

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12th June 1540 – Thomas Cromwell Writes to Henry VIII From the Tower

On the 12th June 1540, Thomas Cromwell wrote to Henry VIII. He had been arrested two days earlier and was now in the Tower of London. This is his letter, where he pleads his innocence and asks for mercy: ‘Prostrate … Continue reading

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