The Red Queen – Book Review

The Red Queen is the second book in Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War Series. This is the second book of the series that I’ve read (later found out that to read them in chronological order you need to read The White Queen before The Red Queen). I will still read The White Queen next, one that I have been looking forward to reading as I’ve heard the most about Elizabeth Woodville.

I hadn’t heard much about Margaret Beaufort, other than her being the grandmother of Henry VIII, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I enjoyed The Lady of the Rivers but thought there was too much witchcraft, so I guess I was hoping for less of that at least. I did get that, as obviously Margaret wasn’t a Woodville and was very religious instead. She did mention Elizabeth Woodville a lot and how she was a witch, which I didn’t mind too much as people could suspect people of being witches with no real proof. The only part that started to annoy me was later on as it was mentioned more and more. Elizabeth Woodville knew what had happened to her sons because she was a witch etc.

I did like Margaret and Jasper, as well as the horribly vivid descriptions of Margaret giving birth to Henry. It was obvious why she couldn’t have any more children after that. I felt sorry for Margaret and Henry, even though mothers were separated from their children a lot. I had always heard that Margaret was evil in this book, I didn’t understand what people meant… until the princes in the tower.Now, I can’t comment on historical accuracy with this, as we don’t know who really killed them. However, this book is unique, as most books I’ve read just make Richard III kill the princes.

Once again, this book is good for anyone liking historical fiction that isn’t too worried about historical accuracy. Although, I did find that this book was more accurate than The Lady of the Rivers, so even if you have read that one I would suggest giving this a try. Also, with Margaret’s different marriages and serving at different courts, I didn’t find myself getting as bored as I did with the last one.

Rating: 4.5/5



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3 Responses to The Red Queen – Book Review

  1. puruthepink says:

    I finished this book last month and I now my obssession with Tudor History is getting unhealthy

    • charfent says:

      Haha xD I know the feeling, I actually have loads of books I’ve bought (either been on sale or one time just really liked the cover) and are now just sitting there.. waiting to be read as I still have others to finish first 😛

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