The Story of the Tudors – Magazine Review

This is a different review to usual as it isn’t a book, but it needed reviewing. I will not regularly review magazines; this is probably a one off. This magazine is a special collectors edition by BBC History Magazine. BBC History Magazine releases a magazine each month with random articles on different parts of history. This one is a special one as it is just on the Tudor dynasty.


First thing is first; this is not like the series The Tudors. It doesn’t just focus on Henry VIII and forget the rest. This magazine has information on Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. As well as the monarchs, it also has information on the people around them and important events. There are articles on Lady Jane Grey, the six wives of Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell and the Spanish Armada.


Now, when I say information, I don’t mean small little paragraphs briefly covering the subject. I mean whole pages (with images) on, for example, why Anne Boleyn had to die.


It is surprisingly very easy to find information on a certain monarch or person in this huge magazine. I love their use of images as well as text and how surprisingly sturdy it feels (not like their normal magazines). Another thing that impressed me was them adding a simplified timeline, it makes the dates and times a lot easier to understand.


Each subject is told by a different historian, so you don’t get biased opinions from people who don’t like Cromwell but love Anne etc. Historians who wrote articles in this include David Starkey, Suzannah Lipscomb and Alison Weir.


A few people have commented on my Facebook page asking what I think about the price. Some have said that it is too expensive, that £9.99 is the price of a book not a magazine. However, I don’t think of this as a magazine. I don’t sit through and spend ages reading magazines. This is more like a book than a magazine, perhaps better because of the many images. I did get a discount and didn’t have to pay for postage as I subscribe to BBC History Magazine anyway, but I still think it is worth it. I may be a bit biased though, I admit, as I collect everything to do with the Tudors. I think it is personal opinion, you could pick up David Starkey’s book on the six wives of Henry VIII for about the same amount and spend ages reading that huge book. But I do think this is unique, it’s easy to read and has opinions from many different historians, not just one like normal history books.

Rating: 5/5

Now I will leave you more pictures of this beautiful magazine so, if you’re considering buying it, you can decide for yourself.




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