6th August 1504 – Matthew Parker Is Born

On the 6th August 1504, Matthew Parker, chaplain to Anne Boleyn, was born. He was the eldest son of William Parker and was born in Norwich, in St Saviour’s parish. Parker was sent in 1522 to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Parker succeeded William Betts as Anne’s chaplain in 1535. As both were Corpus men, Betts probably commended Parker to Anne. Anne and Parker were close, as, six days before her arrest, she asked him to watch over her daughter Elizabeth if anything happened to her. Anne couldn’t have possibly known what was going to happen, or the specifics of it, but she was smart and knew that forces were moving against her. As Eric Ives said in his biography on Anne, ‘that charge, and the debt he felt he owed to Anne, stayed with him for the rest of his life’. Parker kept his word to Anne and, because of his loyalty, became Archbishop of Canterbury during Elizabeth’s reign.


The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives, 2005, p266-267

Matthew Parker’s Wikipedia Page


Picture of Matthew Parker.

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