22nd August 1545 – Charles Brandon Dies

On the 22nd August 1545 Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, died at Guildford, Surrey. He was one of Henry VIII’s closest friends and, at one point, the husband of Mary Tudor, the King’s sister.

Brandon had married Mary Tudor on the 5th March 1515. It was a secret marriage and he was only saved from Henry’s anger by Wolsey. They were fined and the pair agreed to pay Henry £24,000 in yearly instalments of £1000. They were openly married at Greenwich Hall on the 13th May. Their marriage produced four children.

Mary died on the 25th June 1533 at Westhorpe, Suffolk. Brandon would later marry their son’s betrothed, Catherine Willoughby. At that time, she was a girl of thirteen. They had two sons, Charles and Henry. They both died of the sweating sickness.

His final years were spent with Catherine and were reportedly quite happy. Although he had requested a quite funeral in his will, Henry wouldn’t allow it. The funeral took place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, at the Kin’g expense.


Charles Brandon Wikipedia Page

The Tudor Enthusiast 


Portrait of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.


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