25th August 1554 – Thomas Howard Dies

Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, died on the 25th August 1554 at Kenninghall. He was buried at St. Michael’s Church at Framlingham in Suffolk.

Most people know Norfolk as the uncle of two of Henry VIII’s Queens, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. He presided over the trials of his niece and nephew, Anne and George, in 1536. Norfolk played a role in bringing down Cromwell in 1540, after Catherine had caught Henry’s eye. Norfolk escaped punishment in 1541 (when Catherine fell) by writing a letter distancing himself from his niece. He was arrested in 1546, along with his son, and taken to the Tower. His son, the Earl of Surrey, was accused of incorporating the royal arms into his coat of arms and telling his sister, Mary, to try and become the King’s mistress. On the 12th January 1547, Norfolk acknowledged that he had “concealed high treason, in keeping secret the false acts of my son, Henry Earl of Surrey, in using the arms of St. Edward the Confessor, which pertain only to kings” and offered his lands to the King. Surrey was beheaded on the 19th January 1547 and Norfolk was found guilty on the 27th and sentenced to death. He was saved by Henry VIII’s death on the 28th. He was kept in the Tower during Edward VI’s reign and released in 1553 when Mary I pardoned him.


Anne Boleyn’s Family Part Two – The Howards – The Anne Boleyn Files

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, Wikipedia Page


Picture of Thomas Howard.


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