Views on Herstory Tudor Talks at Leeds Castle

As many of you know, I went to Leeds Castle for the Tudor talks yesterday (and also because I had never been before). I really enjoyed the castle, although a lot of it was newer and not so Tudor styled. The talks were great though, managed to get a lot of videos and pictures (check my youtube video here).

I asked two questions yesterday, one at Lauren’s and one at Amy’s.

I asked Lauren Mackay what she thought Eustace Chapuys thought about Anne. Many people act as if he hated her but she said earlier that he thought she was innocent. She replied and said that he didn’t hate her, in his papers he only called her the concubine once. He still thought she was a strong woman, that the charges against her was false and well if it hadn’t had been Anne it would have been someone else.

I asked Amy Licence what she thought about Mary Boleyn possibly being the mother of Henry’s children. She said that we can’t know but the main argument against is that he acknowledged Henry Fitzroy but not Catherine and Henry Carey. However she put forward a new argument for Henry VIII being the father. Henry was still a very personal person and he wouldn’t have minded acknowledging Henry Fitzroy as Bessie Blount was, at the time, an unmarried woman. Mary Boleyn wasn’t. So perhaps he didn’t acknowledge them because he didn’t want that to effect his reputation.

I did enjoy all of the talks, although I do think that by the last talk you could tell that people were more irritable and a few people left half way through.

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