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22nd September 1515 – Anne of Cleves is Born

On 22nd September 1515, Anne of Cleves was born. Her full name was Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg and she was born near Düsseldorf. She was the second daughter of John III, Duke of Cleves, Jülich and Berg, and Maria of Jülich-Berg. Nowadays, most of … Continue reading

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20th September 1486 – Prince Arthur Is Born

On 20th September 1486, Arthur, Prince of Wales, was born at Winchester. He was the first child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Arthur’s mother, Elizabeth of York, became pregnant immediately after her married to Henry. However, Arthur was … Continue reading

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10th September 1533 – Princess Elizabeth is Christened

On the 10th September 1533, Princess Elizabeth (future Elizabeth I) was christened. She was three days old and christened at the Church of Observant Friars in Greenwich. The christening was recorded in Letters and Papers: ‘The christening of lady Elizabeth, … Continue reading

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9th September 1513 – Regent Katherine of Aragon is Victorious Against the Scots

On the 9th September 1513, the English defeated the Scots at Flodden. This was really a victory for Katherine of Aragon, who was made regent while Henry VIII was in France. The English army had defeated the Scots after three … Continue reading

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7th September 1533 – Anne Boleyn Gives Birth to Princess Elizabeth (Future Elizabeth I)

On the 7th September 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to Princess Elizabeth. She was not the expected boy, however, she would grow up to be Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth was born at three o’clock in the afternoon. She was named … Continue reading

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5th September 1548 – Catherine Parr Dies

On the morning of the 5th September 1548, Catherine Parr died at Sudeley Castle. It had been over a year since Henry VIII had died and left her Queen Dowager, and she had been married to Thomas Seymour for six … Continue reading

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1st September 1532 – Anne Boleyn Is Made Marquess of Pembroke

On the 1st September 1552, Anne Boleyn was made Marquess of Pembroke. This was in preparation for her visit to Calais. Last time she saw Francis I, she was a lady-in-waiting to his wife. If she was to meet him … Continue reading

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