9th September 1513 – Regent Katherine of Aragon is Victorious Against the Scots

On the 9th September 1513, the English defeated the Scots at Flodden. This was really a victory for Katherine of Aragon, who was made regent while Henry VIII was in France.

The English army had defeated the Scots after three hours of fighting. The English amy lost around 1,500 men and the Scottish army lost 5,000-17,000. Katherine wrote to Henry:

“My Lord Howard hath sent me a letter, open, to your Grace, within one of mine, by the which ye shall see at length the great victory that our Lord hath sent your subjects in your absence.”—Thinks the victory the greatest honor that could be. The King will not forget to thank God for it. Could not, for haste, send by Rouge Cross “the piece of the King of Scots coat which John Glyn now bringeth. In this your Grace shall see how I can keep my promys, sending you for your banners a King’s coat. I thought to send himself unto you, but our Englishmen’s hearts would not suffer it. It should have been better for him to have been in peace than have this reward. All that God sendeth is for the best.” Surrey wishes to know the King’s pleasure as to burying the King of Scots’ body. Prays for his return; and for the same is going to our Lady at Walsingham, “that I promised so long ago to see.”

She also sent Henry James IV’s coat as proof of their victory. Giles Tremlett says how Katherine ‘had originally wanted to send more than just James’s coat of armour. She would have liked to send his body (which had been suitably ‘bowled, embalmed and cered’) as well’.


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Flodden Battlefield Memorial (from it’s website)


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