2nd October 1528 – The Obedience of the Christian Man is Published

On the 2nd October 1528, the Obedience of the Christian Man and How Christian Rulers Ought to Govern was published by William Tyndale. He was an English Reformer and Bible translator.

Anne Boleyn owned a copy of his book and showed it to Henry VIII, convincing him that Kings were accountable only to God. This led to Henry’s break with the Pope and Rome.

Anne first let one of her ladies, Anne Gainsford, read it. However, her suitor, George Zouch, took it from her and then it was taken off of him too. It ended up in Cardinal Wolsey’s hands, who was looking out for heretical books. When Anne found out, she went to the King and asked him to intervene and get the book returned. After it was returned to her, she asked him to read it. She was taking a risk as Henry could have easily found the book heretical. Luckily for her, he came back to her and was delighted with the book, remarking that “this book is for me and for all Kings to read”.


A portrait of William Tyndale.

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