12th October 1537 – Edward VI is Born

On the 12th October 1537, Prince Edward (the future Edward VI) was born. It had been a long and tiring labour for his mother, Queen Jane Seymour, but he was born healthy. He was born in Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex.

After the news was received, Te Deums were sung in churches and bonfires were lit. This was the son that the King Henry VIII had fought for for so long. Jane, recovering quickly from the birth, sent a message to Cromwell:

‘Informs him of the birth of her son “conceived in lawful matrimony.” Hampton Court, 12 Oct.’

Prince Edward was christened on the 15th October at Hampton Court Palace and his godparents were the Lady Mary (Princess Mary), the Duke of Norfolk and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although Jane seemed to be recovering well at first, she soon fell ill again, and was seriously ill by the 18th. Jane had developed puerperal fever and died on the 24th. Edward, however, lived until he was fifteen. He was succeeded by his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, before his sister took over.


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Happy Birthday Edward VI! – The Anne Boleyn Files

Edward VI Wikipedia Page


Painting of Edward VI as a child.


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