24th October 1537 – Jane Seymour Dies

On the 24th October 1537, Queen Jane Seymour died. She was the third wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward VI, who she had given birth to not long before.

Jane Seymour’s labour had been difficult and lasted two nights and three days. At first, it seemed that the Queen has recovered well, but soon started to get worse after Edward’s christening. She suffered with a fever but, on the 17th October, it looked like she would recover. However, on the 44th, she suffered a relapse and her condition worsened and she died that night.

Sir John Russell wrote to Cromwell:

‘Today the King intended to remove to Asher, and, because the Queen was very sick this night and today, he tarried, but he will be there tomorrow. “If she amend he will go and if she amend not he told me this day he could not find in his heart to tarry.” She was in great danger yesternight and to day but, if she sleep this night, the physicians hope that she is past danger. Hampton Court, 24th October.’

Jane died of puerperal (childbed) fever. She was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on the 13th November.


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115the movie-Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour in The Tudors (TV Series, 2009

Jane Seymour on The Tudors.


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