1st January 1511 – Prince Henry Is Born

On the 1st January 1511, Prince Henry, Duke of Cornwall, was born at Richmond Palace. He was the son of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon and was born by 1:30am. He was baptised ‘Henry’ after his father and grandfather in a ceremony four days later at the Chapel of the Observant Friars. The christening gifts included a fine gold salt holder and cup given by Louis XII of France, his godfather. His other godparents were William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy. At the christening, his great-aunt Lady Anne Howard stood proxy for Margaret of Habsburg, and Richard Foxe, Bishop of Winchester, stood proxy for the French King.

Despite grand celebrations and jousts, tragedy struck seven weeks later. Prince Henry died on the 22nd February, having only lived just 52 days. It was another disaster for the royal couple, Katherine having already given birth to a stillborn daughter. They would have one more son that died shortly after birth, but never another that lived as long as little Prince Henry.


Birth of Henry, Duke of Cornwall – New Year’s Day 1511 – The Anne Boleyn Files

Henry, Duke of Cornwall Wikipedia Page 



List of Katherine of Aragon’s children at Hampton Court Palace (taken by me)


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